History Of The Club

The Late Mr.P. Karunakara menon, one of the most distinguished and capable provincial service men of the Presidency, who spent the major part of his official life as Deputy Collector in Malabar, conceived happily the idea of starting a Cosmopolitan Club in Calicut and began to collect subscription for debenture loan with which he wanted to give a concrete form for his cherished idea. After collecting Rs.2900 he convened a meeting of the subscribers for the proposed Calicut Cosmopolitan club in the Victoria Town Jubilee hall on 24th July 1898 with the late D.Maneckji in the chair. A committee consisting of Messers. D.Maneckji, P.Karunakara Menon and K.A. Siva Rama Iyer with power to add was appointed to collect further subscriptions and Mr.P.K. Karunakara Menon was elected as Secretary to the committee. The site proposed for the Club was the present one, Valappukadavu paramba, then in possession of Mr. Maneck D. Mugaseth, who was willing to sell it to the club. Mr.D. Maneckji, on behalf of Mr. Maneck D. Mugaseth agreed to all the terms and the committee recommended that the premises be purchased accordingly. It was also resolved that Mr. Sivarama Iyer be requested to draw up debenture for the loan proposed to be raised and that it contain a clause providing for the transfer of the debentures to the members of the club and not to other parties. In about two months time another meeting chaired by Mr.Pattabhirama Rao & some of the members suggested that the site was insufficient for the purpose intended and hence another meeting of subscribers was held under the presidency of Mr.N. Pattabhirama Rao and another committee was appointed to select a suitable site. It was reported at a subsequent meeting with Mr.V.Rajagopalachari as President that no other suitable site was available at the beach and hence it was decided to acquire the same site. A committee consisting of Messers.D .Maneckji, K.R. Ramaswami Iyer and K. Krishnan Nair was appointed to give effect to the resolution and Mr. Rarichan Moopan was requested to get a plan of the proposed building prepared, and the plan was approved of at the next meeting. On 25th June 1899 another meeting of the subscribers was held when Sir. Krishnan Nair proposed that for the present the club building only consist of the ground floor, in view of the financial position, as by that time only Rs.4435 was collected.It was also resolved to provide the subscribers with an estimate as to the amount required to complete the building and also provide a kitchen, a well and a stable. For this purpose a committee consisting of Sir.C.Sankaran Nair and 19 others with power to add, was appointed to get more subscribers to the debenture loan. On 21st October 1899 it was further resolved that the building be finished with a skelton upper story for the time being and that out-houses and a well be provided. At this meeting presided over by the Late. Ramanunni Mannarghat Valiya Nair it was resolved to register the Club as a Limited company under the Companies Act. In September 1900 Messers.P.A.Krishna Menon and K.R.Ramaswami Iyer were authorised to draft the Articles of Association. On 3rd November 1900 with the then third Thirumulpad of Nilambur in the Chair, the draft articles prepared by the sub committee were approved of and it was decided that first Directors shall be Messers. A. Brown, P.Karunakara Menon, Cooverji Ardesir, K.R.Ramaswamy Iyer, C.M. Rarichan Moopan, M. Muhammed and P.A. Krishna Menon. Mr.P.Karunakara Menon being the Managing Director of the company was registered on 17th December 1900. It was felt that committee should take stock of the real situation and find out ways and means to wipe out the debts and put the management of the club on a more sure and stable foundation. It was felt that if the benevolent members of the club decide to help the club it will not be difficult to get over the difficult situation and put the club on solid grounds. It was felt that if the Managing Committee takes over the management of the company and pays off the debts.The former Secretary Mr.Iyengar worked in that direction and the Hony. Managing Director Mr.V. Karunakara Menon had agreed to the suggestion of handing over the management of the company to the Secretary of the club. It was felt that, it is as it ought to be, for the memorandum of the Limited company clearly states that the object for which the company is established is "The establishment of a club to be known as the "Calicut Cosmopolitan Club" for the accomodation of members thereof and their friends; to promote social intercourse among the members of the club and their friends and the doing of such other things as are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objects. The memorandum state no other objects for the company and as such it would be proper and expedient to vest the management in the club itself. It was also desired that the club may be registered under Section 26 of the I.C.A as Mutual Benefit Society and take over the Management of the Co Ltd., with all its assets and liabilities.